Welcome to a blog dedicated to the Sole to Soul project as part of Croome Redefined – an ongoing National Trust project taking place at Croome Court and its beautiful parkland. Croome Court has always had bright and varied residents, from The Earls of Coventry to Hare Krishna devotees and their Llamas to radar development in the Court’s historic parkland. The project aims to redefine Croome Court as a building of artists, craftspeople and ideas, bringing together a wide range of skills and encouraging collaboration through shared workspaces and creative residencies.

I am Maud van den Broecke, a shoemaker and designer. I will be working in the basement of Croome Court as a creative resident, making shoes to capture the characters of Croome Court’s past and working with artists to incorporate a variety of media, including ceramics, textiles and sound, into footwear. I am excited about the prospect of making shoes based on a specific place whilst working within its walls, particularly with the fascinating people that have lived and worked in this space. As the shoes will be made at The National Trust building and my London studio, I will be engaging with the public regularly and hope to give visitors a fascinating insight into the processes involved in shoemaking.

I look forward to seeing you there!



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